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  • Universe People

    Artist: Universe People

    Members: Jo Claxton (guitar,vocals), Kellie Payne (bass, vocals), Dave Ramm (drums, vocals) 

    Hometown: Seattle, Washington

    Related: Welcome, The Pulses, The Intelligence, The Heroic Trio, New Luck Toy, Eyes and Teeth

    Years Active: 2011 to present

    Genre: Post-Punk, Garage-Pop

    RIYL: Dolly Mixture, Grass Widow, The Fall, Breeders, '60s girl groups, Country Teasers, Kleenex, Aussie accents, well dressed bad attitudes, angles

    Bio: Once upon a time, Jo Claxton accidentally wandered from her hometowm of Sydney, Australia and ended up in Seattle. In 2012, several years and several band later, she approached Kellie Payne to play bass and sing with her. The idea was to make simple,angualr songs based around sweet but stark girl-vocal harmonies and Jo had recorded six demos in her basement in the Winter of 2012 to get things rolling. 

    Next, Jo needed some drums so she contacted the ever-popular drummer about town named Dave Ramm. This was in a vanishingly small window of time when he was not actually in a band - March of 2011. Universe People were born and began playing out in Seattle.

    Early in 2012 they recorded 10 songs for a full length LP at the all analog Pool Recording Studio in Portland, OR. During the summer of 2012, Universe People joined forces with Little Black Cloud Records (hey, that's us!) who will be releasing their debut album Go to the Sun in February of 2013.

    Dave also plays drums in Wimps and Kellie plays drums in Eyes and Teeth.

    PS: Don't mistake Universe People for the Czech-Slovak UFO space cult. They could however melt your brain and take you to outer space if you let them.  LET THEM! 

    Kellie                                                                                 Jo                                                                     Dave