Teargas Rock Bio

The implosion of underground rock act (Young) Pioneers in spring of ‘99 left the group’s main speechwriter, Stakolee, and his comrade, Martin Violence, without an aural outlet for their abrasive brand of political harangue.  Before long, the two found themselves conspiring with Union drum corps Corporal Randolph Davis on a new platform designed to foment youth revolt.  Named immediately preceding the events of November 30, 1999 in Seattle, the new group, dubbed Teargas Rock, sought to actively involve white mother country radicals in the escalating resistance to overdeveloped neoliberal capitalism.  The resulting audio communique, advised and directed by Bryan Hoffa, connects the the bile of Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” to the spleen of Conflict’s The Ungovernable Force without missing a single frontline wire feed.


While mixing during the infamous republican snowstorm disaster of of January 2000 at an undisclosed basement safehouse, Teargas Rock narrowly escaped a “no-knock” raid on the session with the all too brief seven tracks presented here.  Some 14 odd songs were discovered and confiscated by authorities when bassist M.Violence tried to pass through a random checkpoint with a false-bottom guitar case a few hours later on the outskirts of Petersburg, Virginia.  Little Black Cloud Records has filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the whereabouts of these ‘ghost tracks.’  Due to this unfortunate chain of events, two session musicians, listed on the new record simply as “Big Phil” and “Jess,” have endured more than a decade of constant surveillance and harassment by government intelligence agencies.


Teargas Rock realizes this situation cannot necessarily be rectified through conventional channels of appeal.  As such, a portion of the proceeds from this release will be  funneled through established non-governmental organizations to autonomous revolutionary cells and pre-revolution survival programs.  Despite two successful tours of Cuba and Venezuela, Teargas Rock remains unable to perform in the U.S.

-Shields Green, October 16, 2009