Runhild Gammelsæter

Runhild Gammelsæter
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Artist: Runhild Gammelsæter

Title: Amplicon

Selection # LBC 004

Street Date:  7/07/2011

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

File Under: Witch-gore, ex-eri-metal

Key Markets - Norway, UK, Montreal, Germany, NYC, Richmond, LA, Seattle, SF, Portland, Brazil

Artist Page -

LP - first / only pressing right now - limited to 100

-Clear vinyl so you can see through to the insert of the cover art that is a stunning self portrait of / by Runhild.

- The center label is clear and to play the record, you will need to impale your record player's spindle through the center.

- The back side of the insert contains linter notes

- The LP and insert comes in a heavy plastic sleeve like the kind a picture disc LP comes in.

- There will be a digital download card included

- Each LP heavy plastic sleeve will be cocooned in soft cotton webbing that you will need to break through and remove in order to open the LP and get to the record. The picture shows a small hint of what it will look like. Each one is done by hand by me and will be unique and one of a kind. No two LPs will be cocooned the same.

- The first 100 will come with a handwritten line and autograph by Runhild. I am waiting on these to arrive from Norway right now and they are the last piece of the puzzle I need to finish the record. This will come on a strip of paper that wil be trapped in the webbing.

- This complete package will be placed in one more polybag to protect the integrity of the packaging.


01. Collapse - Lifting The Veil
02. Expanding The Universe
03. Life
04. Evolution
05. Incubation
06. Birth
07. Coming To
08. Love
09. Senesence
10. Dying
11. Void

RIYL: Thorr’s Hammer, Khlyst, Sunno))), Nico, Diamanda Galas, gorgeous nightmares, damaged electronics

Runhild has also been a member of : Thorr’sHammer (1994-1995, 2009- ), Decay (2009 - ), Khlyst (2006- 2008)


“Runhild Gammelsæter is a beast. She contorts her vocals to sound
unreal, more ill-tempered than any horror film villain. Her intuitive
sense of experimentation is profound, surpassing any female vocalist
in metal. With her first solo album, Amplicon (Utech, 2008),
Gammelsæter exceeds expectations based on her work in Thorr’s Hammer
and Khlyst. Putting forth her Ph.D. knowledge of cell physiology, she
flavors Amplicon with ideas from physics, chemistry, and biology.
Amplicons are pieces of DNA produced from organic or naturally
occurring events, like evolution. As if producing music for something
nonhuman, Gammelsæter goes beyond human comprehension with
frightening power.” - Invisible oranges

“The most important aspect of Gammelsæter 's music are the voices. The
voices! Whispered, spoken, screamed at the top of what is humanly
possible, juxtaposing poetic apocalypticism (cosmic and personal) with
cold and strict science, creating an omniscient and eerie ambience.
Tittering madness, beautiful clear singing (from pop to operatic to
soul to ethereal), pitch-shifted abyss-roars, androgynously pitched
spoken words, black howls and shrieks, nebulous whispers... Too many
voices to mention. Runhild does what I think very few extreme
vocalists would dare: at many points, the harsh death growls that made
Thorr's Hammer legendary, stands completely alone - no reverb, no
harmonics, no music, just the throat naked in empty space. Anyone who
has recorded extreme metal knows how feeble that naked growl may sound
- Gammelsæter not only defies the empty space, she conquers it with a
vocal force without a doubt adjacent to Attila Csihar (if not
surpassing the Hungarian beast, at least in range and versatility).” - avant-garde metal


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