Ringfinger Bio

Artist: Ringfinger

Members: Full time: Tracy Wilson

Collaborators to date: Stephen Brodsky, Cam DiNunzio, Oktopus, Nyles Lannon, Aaron Turner, Rex Ritter, Barry London, Jonathan Fuller, Rich Stine, and Justin Bailey.

Associated Acts: Dahlia Seed, Dunebuggy, Scissorettes, Souvenir, Down with the Ship, Sunno))) / Jesamine / Fontenelle , Stephen Brodsky, Isis, Denali, Engine Down, N. Lannon, Dead Waiter, and Dalek

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Fun Fact: When I play guitar, I am a one directional picker.

Years Active: 1991-

Genre: Dream-doom / electronic shoegaze

RIYL: Glitchy pop balanced out by the Gods of thunder and ice, Bjork, Helium, Zoom Rhythmtrak RT-123, Jesu, Broadcast, and early Cocteau Twins.

Bio: Your survival mechanism is a curious thing. Mine chose to make a solo record after nearly a decade of musical nothingness in the hopes of channeling a difficult and emotional decade into something productive and positive.

After the demise of Dahlia Seed in 1996 (I was the singer/sometimes song writer), I dabbled in a few home recording projects (Souvenir and Scissorettes), and briefly sang in a band (Down with the Ship) featuring drummer extraordinaire Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Burnt By the Sun, Melt Banana, Discordance Axis). I however did not formally record or release any new music during that entire time period. I moved to Richmond in 2001 and after the death of several family members, divorce #1, and not very many friends in the city I had just moved to, I turned to making music alone as a way to channel my grief and boredom in a positive manner. I put out my first solo release called “Decimal” in late 2007 and it was because of that release that I began this small record label, Little Black Cloud. 

My life since the release of Decimal has been focused on music, however, not really my own. I have been the head of sales and for the Independent Label Collective since 2009 (2007 -2008 I was working for yet another music distro) where I help market and distribute over 30 independent record labels. I also work part time at local record store called Deep Groove and do a weekly radio show on WRIR called Cause & Effect.

 Recording and releasing more of my own music is on my to-do list for 2011, no REALLY! I just need to find the spare time to do it. I miss making music and while I love being on the other side of the music industry. I am an artist at heart. My good friend Runhild (see artist tab for her details) and I have been talking about a collaboration forever so hopefully our project which already carries the name of Drekkingarhylur will be ready to share by next Summer.