Positive No - Partners In the Wild

Positive No - Partners In the Wild

Artist: Positive No

Title: Partners in the Wild

Street Date: 10/20/17 ( First single Y.A.A.Y.Y. on 10/6)

Catalog #: LBC 015

UPC: 799422633766 (CD)

Formats: Digital, CD, CS (Trrrash Records) (LP hopefully coming in 2018)

File Under: Rock

Hometown: Richmond,VA

Key Markets: Richmond, NYC, Philly, DC, Seattle, Raleigh

Performers on PITW: Kenneth Close (guitar), Keith Renna (drums), Tracy Wilson (mouth/guitar), Matt Klimas (bass.1), Jon Procopio (bass.2)

FCC Details: All songs are FCC radio friendly

Extra Credit: Recorded by Pedro Aida (Fun Size/Ann Beretta) at Audio Verite RVA / Mixed at Tiny Lion by Andrew Everding (Thursday) & Jonathan Fuller (Engine Down/Denali) 

RIYL: Lungfish, Pop Art, near-death experiences, Bjork, all the colors in the rainbow, Spinanes, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, Silkworm, short form poetry, Breeders, the space between the notes, Helium, volcanic uprisings, Love of Diagrams, spirited stage antics, Protomartyr, and Alan Watts.

Track listing

1)     Y.A.A.Y.Y.

2)     Become of Üs

3)     Hey Angel

4)     Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

5)     Kind Reminder

6)     Broken

7)     Debate Team Captain

8)     Lights Out

9)     Flourish Exeunt

10)  Energy Crisis

11)  My Best (Awaiting Your Reply)

12)  Fault Line

“Helmets, flags, shields, sticks, knives, chemical agents, and bats are NOT allowed” but as an open carry state, “guns are permitted.” This was the security statement given to us by the Richmond City Police Department about an upcoming protest. If this reads like the rules of a battleground or war-torn nation, that is because it is. This is our current state of affairs in Virginia. Violent protests are our new normal.

It has been two years since the release of our debut full length Glossa. Our new album Partners in the Wild will be released on October 20th to coincide with our October Beach Slang/Pet Symmetry tour dates. As both the owner of Little Black Cloud Records and member of Positive No, I am currently feeling on edge and distracted. It feels counterintuitive to talk about something as self-involved as a piece of art our band has made and is now self-releasing. This is new territory for us and we are in fact feeling very much like Partners in the Wild.

When we talk about what has been happening since the release of our last record, this is it. We have been making art in the shadow of something that is much bigger than us. We are not a political band but we are also not blind. Undeniably, some of this rage and tension has seeped into our music but there is an all-important undercurrent that should also be recognized; LOVE. Positive No has been a band for nearly 6 years and remains at its core is myself, Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed/Ringfinger) and Kenneth Close. We are are the sole songwriters. After 8 years of being life partners, Kenny and I wed in April of this year. The biggest influence on our band's approach to writing is each other. Our songs are intended to be thoughtful conversations between all of the instruments which creates space for each member to be heard. As my relationship with Kenny evolves and matures, so does the communication between us as band members and writers.

Keith Renna (Dunebuggy previously) joined Positive No as our drummer at the start of last year. If you distill his playing down to a single essence, it would be described as thunderous precisio. The man is all business. The roll of our bass player has been split between two people; Matt Klimas from the Richmond' shoegaze band Snowy Owls and currently Jon Procopio (Dahlia Seed/Dunebuggy/Unbutton). Matt and Jon are masters of approaching the bass without following the usual rules of the instrument; chords, bendy high notes, and bursts in unexpected places are all weapons in the Partners in the Wild arsenal. Jon, Keith, and I have known each other and played in bands together since the early '90s. Jon helped teach me how to play guitar half a lifetime ago so if anyone was capable of doing these songs justice, it's Jon. We are a band but we also operate and play together as a family.

Kenny and I began writing this record at the end of 2015. You can almost make a game out which songs were written before November of 2016. Some put a mirror to ourselves and are themed around aging (“Y.A.A.Y.Y”), living with injuries (“Lights Out”), a fan letter to the musicians Rebecca Gates and J Robbins ("Hey Angel"), and the king and queen of cowboys (“Roy Rogers & Dale Evans”). But then the presidential election happened. The worry and raw nerves settled in and stayed for good. I sought out coping mechanisms for stress outside of music and surprisingly they found their way back into our songs. The mind expanding philosophies of Alan Watts have become an important part of maintaining positive mental health and songs like “Become of Üs” (also an ode to Husker Dü) and “My Best (Awaiting Your Reply)” reflect some of the ideas found in his lectures. “Broken" mourns the sudden passing of an ex-boyfriend a few months ago and it is the first time I play guitar on one of our releases (I am confident singer but a shy guitar player outside of songwriting at home). “Debate Team Captain” (We are the landscape taking in reign), “Energy Crisis” (Denial is a disease only cured by waking from this dream) and “Fault Line” (Your sky isn’t falling, we rose up!) capture the mania of trying to keep it together when it feels like so much of the world around you is falling apart. Partners in the Wild is not a political record but rather the result of coping with the stress of the last two years. Partners in the Wild is our best attempt at capturing the unimaginable.