Positive No Bio

Present Lineup: Kenneth Close (guitar/bass), Coldon Martin (bass), Keith Renna (drums), Tracy Wilson (mouth/guitar/bass)

Associated Acts: Dahlia Seed, Ringfinger, Dunebugy, Unbutton

Discography: Via Florum (LBC 2013 ), Noel, Noel digital charity single (LBC 2013), Automatic Cars 7” (Negative Fun Records 2014), For Want Of fan club digital only single (LBC 2014) Glossa (LBC 2015), Reinvent the Space – digital charity single (LBC 2017), FrO)))zen Warnings - digital charity single (LBC 2017) , and Partners in the Wild (LBC 2017)

Talking points with the band: Record collecting, music history, skateboarding, lingering injuries, movies - the more ridiculous the better, graphic design, pop art, cocktail recipes, aging gracefully, vintage clothing, Peep Show, and animal rescue.

Positive No has been a band for nearly 7 years and it remains at its core Tracy Wilson & Kenneth Close. After 8 years of being life partners, they eloped in April of 2017. The biggest influence on our band's approach to writing is each other. They design their songs to be conversations between all of the instruments which creates space for each member to be heard.

The band’s musical family tree is well rooted and its branches tangled. Close has played guitar in a series of noisy rock bands in Virginia since the mid ‘90s. Wilson was the singer and co-songwriter in the ‘90s emo band Dahlia Seed (Theologian/Troubleman) but has also recorded electronic music under the solo moniker Ringfinger (Magic Bullet Records / LBC). Drummer Keith Renna co-founded the early '90s indie-pop group Dunebuggy (that Wilson was also briefly a member of) and most recently, recorded new music with occasional PN member Jon Procopio under the name Unbutton. Newest member to the PN family is bass player Coldon Martin who keeps himself busy as the frontmanand guitarist of RVA indie rock band Lightfields.

Positive No creates melodic, unpredictable pop balanced with tension and energy -a lot of energy.  Each note, beat, and breath is meticulously spaced so the room between the notes is as important as the ones played all together. Positive No writes emotionally raw and dynamic songs with lyrics that are as thoughtful as the music behind it. The unique language developed between the band members is like that of a well-established family. Positive No are DIY veterans who radiate the chemistry of old friends who truly enjoy being around each other and playing music because that is exactly what is happening. This is the sound of passion and joy.