Positive No - Via Florum

Positive No - Via Florum
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Artist : Positive No

Title : Via Florum

Street Date : 9/10/13 (digital) * LP & CD 11/12/13

Label : Little Black Cloud Records

Catalog # : LBC 010

Format : Digital / LP / CD

LP UPC: 799422633735

LP List Price : $19.99

File Under : Rock

Hometown : Richmond, VA

Key Markets : Richmond, NYC, LA, SF, Northern N.J, Seattle, Portland

Members: Kenneth Close (guitar), James Menefee (bass), Willis Thompson (drums), Tracy Wilson (vocals)

Associated Acts: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Dahlia Seed, Ringfinger, Fulflej Fun Size, Long Arms

RIYL: Helium, Breeders,The Sugarcubes, Dahlia Seed, Ringfinger, static- jangle- sonic- fuzz- dream - Pop, Gidget, cats, Dischord Records post hardcore years, short form poetry, and technicolor.



Pocket Park

Powers of Ten



Georgia Purchase Agreement

Mercurious E. & Broth


The hometown clock works differently for everyone, but for vocalist Tracy Wilson it took 10 years to accept that Richmond, Virginia was genuinely her home. A transplant from NYC, the lyrics for Via Florum explore the space between a house becoming a home. It isn't just an abstracted celebration of the city itself but the experience one goes through to finally embrace their surroundings and finally settle down.

These 5 songs were recorded in the winter of 2013 with J Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Channels/Office of Future Plans) at his Baltimore, MD recording Studio Magpie Cage. From their beginning in 2011, Positive No has been Kenneth Close on guitar, Willis Thompson (Thao and the Get Down Stay Down) on drums, and Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed/Ringfinger) singing, however, James Menefee (Fun Size/River City High/ Long Arms) joined them for the recording of this EP while they were still in the process of searching for a permanent bass player (now filled by Andre Phillips - ex member of Fulflej)

Via Florum begins with "Pocket Park", a tribute to a once decaying cement park that has since been transformed and maintained by the community that surrounds it into a garden oasis. It is also the second time Scuffletown Park has been celebrated by a local band; note Avail circa 1998. "Powers of Ten" on the surface is a playful ode to science and philosophy but buried among the lyrics is also Wilson contemplating material from four points of inspiration: Carl Sagan, Alan Watts, and the husband and wife creative team of Charles and Ray Eames. "Dreamland" and "Georgia Purchase Agreement" tell the story of two people who fell in love and built a life together but also went on to form Positive No.

The album closes with the most powerful of the five songs, "Mercurious E. & Broth", a song built around spam email content that cross pollinates R.E.M.'s Lifes Rich Pageant to a vocal performance that we haven't heard from Tracy since Dahlia Seed's demise in 1996. It was an unusually rainy winter this year so for every energetic, emotional burst, there are equal shades of melancholy that makes one wonder if The Sundays shared a few similar winters because of their sugar coated gloom during the early '90s.

It is a shame that Pop music has become a dirty word because if bands like The Sugarcubes, The Pixies, or Q and Not U can fall under that banner with their sideways approach to making melodic Rock, so should Positive No. Their debut Via Florum welcomes you into their home in such an honest and friendly way that you might just find yourself planning a visit to Richmond to experience it all in person for yourself.

Publicity: Talia Miller : talia@brixtonagency.com 

Contact Info: Tracy Wilson : tracy@littleblackcloudrecords.com

Distribution: Cobraside Distribution : contactus@cobraside.com

Band Site: http://www.positiveno.com/