• Dunebuggy Pre-Orders : Available Now!

    Head on over to our web store and order yourself up the Dunebuggy - S/T - LP that is limited to just 100 copies.

    What come with this record you ask? White vinyl, a ful color matte finish jacket with art by band member Jon Procopio, a lyric sheet insert, and a digital download card. And if that isn't enough. The first 15 people who place a pre-order will also a get bonus free 7" single that Dunebuggy released on spinART Records back in the '90s, a split with the band Moped, and an indie Pop classic to boot. 

    Unsure if you want to buy this record without hearing it first? How about you stream the whole LP for free and hear the Pop perfection for yourself. GO HERE.

  • The Gauchiste 2nd press LP is in stock now !

    The Gauchiste 2nd press LP is in stock now !

    We pressed up another 100 LPs. The only difference between this pressing and the first is the color of the font on the cover; we went with blood red this time rather than olive green.

    Once this press is sold out it will be out of print for good so grab your copy ASAP.

  • Dunebuggy Record Release Party : NYC

    Hello friends! 

        If you find yourself in NYC on Friday, April 13th please drop by our free Dunebuggy record release party to say hello. 


    Dunebuggy's LP comes out via Little Black Cloud Records on 4/17 and you are cordially invited to their listening party that is taking place 4 days sooner than their official street date. You will not only be among the first people on the planet to hear all of these these songs ,you will also have the opportunity to buy their record, hob nob with the band, and hear a DJ set including some of our favorite '90s indie bands. 

    Come celebrate the long awaited release (like 17 years!) from Dunebuggy, a posthumous collection in LP form that marks the first time many of these songs have ever been heard. Those that have been previously released feature alternate recordings or mixes and all tracks have been freshly re-mastered. Not only will we be playing the record for all to hear for the first time, but we will also have it available for purchase for $20. For those who buy this record at the event they will also be given an extra special bonus prize. The records are limited to just 100 copies and come on white vinyl so needless to say they are VERY LIMITED. Attending this party will give you the best chances of actually getting your hands on a copy. Founding Dunebuggy members Jon-Michael Procopio and Keith Renna will be in attendance too, making this the next best thing to a reunion show. 

    If the release of their incredible music isn't enough, the party will be held at our favorite East Village bar Hi-Fi (AKA THE Hi-Fi BAR) which to many of us old timers might be better known as the location of NYC's seminal indie rock venue Brownies (RIP). Who could ask for a better, more appropriate location for this record release. 

    And the icing on the cake? DJ's Lightning's Girls (Little Black Cloud Records owner) and KJC (the label's art director) will also be Djing their most beloved '90s indie Pop records (vinyl!) in the vein of The Lemonheads, Blake Babies, Helium, Beat Happening, Built To Spill, Pavement, ETC.

    We would love to turn this fantastical record release party for Dunebuggy into a reunion of sorts for those of you who grew up in the NJ/NY/CT indie Rock / Pop scene in the '90s who probably also grew up going to shows (and playing shows at Brownies).

    A huge thank you to Dunebuggy for letting me put out this album and Mike from Hi-Fi for giving us his bar for a few hours. 

    band link -  
    hi-hi link - 
    label link - 
    youtube link : 

  • Old School

    Old School

    Check out this mid '90s Dunebuggy demo review in CMJ. 

  • Label Update


    No rest for the wicked here!

    We will have the second press of the Gauchiste LP in house and ready to ship next week. To keep things interesting and fresh we have changed the color of the font on these covers to a rusty blood red. We have just a few copies of the first press in stock so order ASAP if you want one of those.

    And speaking of interesting, Tomas of Gauchiste has a new limited solo Pro Tape release (Morceau de Nature )out under the name LAC. You can check it out / buy it here. He has also done a collaberation with Luigi Turra called "Vignettes Amplifie"  which is available through this site.

    Craig & Tomas from Gauchiste has also released "Le goût de néant" on Absinth Records and it should go without saying that Loincoth, Tannon's other band, still rules.

    The Dunebuggy S/T collection is due April 17th. The LPs are at the pressing plant now and it looks like we will have a record release party in NYC mid April. It will be open to the public, free to get in, and there will be copies of the LP for sale there along with a bonus prize with purchase. More details about the event will be posted here soon.

    Stephen Brodsky has finished recording three out of four new songs for his upcoming Little Black Cloud EP. He has been working with an old friend and recording studio genius named Phil (has worked with New Pornographers, Okkervil River, and St Vincent to name a few) and together they have managed to create my favorite of Steve's solo material to date. At this pace I am guessing we will have this out by Summer? I hope!

    Ringfinger has an EP waiting to be recorded and the only thing holding this up is a lack of funds. This goes for my other band Postive No as well. We have 4 songs in the works with a 5th on the way. Our goal is to record and release this material later this year too but in the meantime, you can check up on the new demos as we post them here

  • Street Date Set For Dunebuggy : April 17th, 2012

    My introduction to the band Dunebuggy began where the foundation of my passion for music did, at a record store. I started working at Flipside in Pompton Lakes, N.J. while I was a junior in high school (late '80s) and remained at the shop for nearly 5 years. During that time period my social circle and our regular customers were one and the same. From this music obsessed community came two people who began playing music together while still in high school and eventually settled on the name Dunebuggy. Although we all grew up just a few towns away from each other in Northern New Jersey, it was only when I began working at Flipside did I meet Jon Procopio and Keith Renna. We all were around the same age but more importantly we were interested in Alternative music now referred to by most as “indie rock”. We liked a lot of bands (grunge, twee, shoegaze, punk, and harcore) and at the top of the list were groups like The Lemonheads, The Blake Babies, The Replacements, and Pixies however we also followed a lot of complex guitar bands like Polvo and The Treeople too (crazy guitar tunings, timing, and wacky chords). In turn the music we were interested in making for ourselves would follow along similar lines.

    By the early '90s I was determined to take my love of music and apply it to starting my own band. I didn't know how to play an instrument yet but I liked to sing and was drawn to the the guitar; mostly because my first serious boyfriend and our roomie at the time played guitar and there was always one around to pick up and strum. What few people know is that it took a prodding from Jon of Dunebuggy get me to write and record something. He offered me a side on a split 7” with Dunebuggy and I agreed to try to at least give it a whirl. If my first song was suitable for public consumption then it would go on to become the flipside to their song Vanillaroma. (Their second release that was also scented like Vanilla ALA the car freshener) From this experiment the Dunebuggy / Brokenmouth split single was born. Jon, Keith, and I played together for the next 5 years on and off again. As a footnote I've been playing music under different names ever since this debut and I am indebted to Dunebuggy for giving me my start in music. Not only was Dunebuggy a damn fine, truly talented band but they were among the first men I knew who treated female musicians as equals. (Thanks guys!)

    I was never an official member of Dunebuggy but I occasionally sang on their songs, practiced with them from time to time, and Jon became the first of a string of second guitar players in my band, Dahlia Seed. Needless to say my connection to Dunebuggy goes back a long way but even if I didn't practically grow up with the two founding members of the band, I would still be obsessed their music. I don't think they they ever thought they wrote songs as good as the bands we grew up worshiping but after revisiting their catalog for this collection to be released on my label in April of this year, I discovered this truth. Dunebuggy wrote incredibly memorable, complex pop tunes I place on the same alter with songs from that time period by Built To Spill or Pavement. While Dunebuggy released a handful of singles and played out live a decent number of times, they broke up before they ever had a chance to catch on nationally or release a full length record. Until now! I am absolutely thrilled Keith and Jon have been willing to let me dredge up our past and give these songs are proper release in 2012.

    Below is a a brief bio of the band as well as the details of this upcoming release.  



    Artist : Dunebuggy

    Title : Dunebuggy

    Street Date: 4/17/2012

    Cat#: LBC 006

    Format: LP (100 copies / white vinyl), digital

    LP UPC: 609788169697

    Years Active - 1991-1996

    File Under : Pop / Rock

    Hometown: NYC / NJ

    Members: Jon-Michael Procopio, Keith Renna, Michael Reilly, and guest vocals by Tracy Wilson

    RIYL: Melodic Indie Guitar Pop, Lemonheads, Built to Spill, Unrest, Archers of Loaf, Pixies, Blake Babies, Pavement

    Associated Acts : Dahlia Seed, Melting Hopefuls, Brokenmouth, Cogs, Jungle Creeps


    Born of suburban boredom, the D.I.Y. aesthetic of skateboarding, and an obsessive appreciation for well-crafted pop tunes, Dunebuggy had the great fortune of being part of the inspiring New York City music scene of the mid 90's. What started as a duo of friends (Keith Renna and Jon-Michael) butchering cover tunes by their favorite punk bands, evolved into an original power trio with the addition of bass player Michael Reilly, and was occasionally complimented by vocalist Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed).

    Drawing a heavy influence from both the Boston music scene(Lemonheads, Pixies, and Blake Babies) as well as inspiration from legendary bands such as the Replacements, Sonic Youth, Minutemen, and the Pretenders, the band focused on becoming a tightly knit unit intent on creating clever indie rock with pop hooks.

    Dunebuggy's sound is punctuated by quirky phrasing, angular guitars, and imaginative lyrics. The bands goal was always to put the songs first, doing what was best for the them as a whole, and attempting to craft short works of pop perfection with a healthy dose of experimentation. Hard hitting, inventive drumming grounds the entangled and intertwining bass and guitar work. Indie pop, heart on the sleeve songs are shrouded in lyrical intricacies and cryptic prose.

    Dunebuggy would go on to open for indie rock legends such as Archers of Loaf, Blonde Redhead, Air Miami, Superdrag, Damon & Naomi, Spectrum and the Apples in Stereo.

    Stream two songs:  here. and here via YouTube

    Publicity : PRawr / Talia Miller -

  • 2012 Release Schedule

    The Little Black Cloud 2012 release line up is looking like this:

    * Dunebuggy - S/T collection on April 17th.

    * Stephen Brodsky EP in the Summer.

    * Ringfinger 3 song EP in the Fall.

    * Positive No single in the Winter.

  • Cobraside to the Rescue!

    Hey record stores!

    The new Gauchiste CD + LP is available via Cobraside Distribution right now. 

    Here is their new release list for next week and their contact information can be found there too.

    PS: Cobraside sells to accounts world wide. 

  • In Stock NOW! (sort of)

    I just found a single lonely copy of the Dynamic Truths LP, first pressing. It's a miracle!

    It is waiting to be purchased via the webstore so if you wanted a copy of this gem, act NOW. Go here to buy it.

  • Gauchiste - S/T - LP / CD / Digital : OUT TODAY!

    If you live in Richmond, VA, the CD and LP is available at Deep Groove, Plan 9, and Steady Sounds TODAY.

    If you are a record shop (or a customer at a local store) elsewhere in the world., the CD and LP will be available through Cobraside with a street date of 1/31 and should start shipping out next week. 

    If you are more into the digital thing, the music is available through all your traditional MP3 stores like iTunes and Amazon RIGHT NOW ! ! ! 

    Copies of the CD and LP are also available through our webstore. 

    Thanks to all who have already purchased it or made mention of it in the press. Most of all a huge thank you to the members of Gauchiste for making such an interesting and exciting record, Kenny for making it look so darn handsome, and Talia for getting word out to the press. The label might be just me on paper but it really is everyone who helps to make these releases possible and those of you who are kind enough to support us by buying the art we release.



  • More GREAT Gauchiste Press!

    Great is a failed description of what this RVA Mag review actually is.

    This is the kind of review that makes me ashamed of all the various things I have tried to say or write about Gauchiste and the kind of music they make. My words are like a clumsy quivering third grader's Etch A Sketch outline of the band's art and this review manages to capture the record as if it what as an Ansel Adams still life photo.

    Thank you RVA Mag. Truly, thank you.

  • Get a FREE Gauchiste Track Here!

    Metal Underground is giving away a free Gauchiste track from their upcoming S/T release coming January 17th. Grab "Viols" here.

  • Order your copy of the Gauchiste CD or LP right now!

    Head on over to my web store (link up top) to pick up a copy of the brand new self titled Gauchiste CD or LP. The street date is January 17th, 2012 but I will start shipping them out to the people who order them early late next week.

    There is also a web store on the label Facebook page now and you can pick up any of my releases there.

    If you aren't a physical product type person, the release will also be available in the digital format come January 17th as well.

    If you are a record store or distro interested in carrying this release, you will be able to purchase the CD and LP via the good people at Cobraside or drop me a line at


  • A Bit of Unfortunate News.

    Do to some unforeseen circumstances Canary oh Canary will not be releasing music via Little Black Cloud at this time.  I wish them the best of luck while they regroup.

  • At Long Last

    We finally have a Soundcloud page where you can stream music by all of the artists on the label .

    There are also some things up on YouTube now too.

  • Final Gauchiste Album LP Art

    Here is a little sample of the album art for the new Gauchiste record coming out January17th, 2012. More details about the overall cover art / packaging and the CD will resemble a compact mirror case. So good! So reflective.

    And one more gift for you - stream the first song from their debut album  here.

  • Thanks Blabbermouth

    Gauchiste got a nice little shout out here. 

    We hit a little bit of a SNAFU with the Gauchiste cover art (who knew mirrored paper would be so damned expensive!) so we had to regroup and redesign the cover. We are in the middle of reworking the layout and but at this pace it looks like we will never make the November release date. Since the music industry doesn't really release records in December, my guess is this record will come out closer to the end of January. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!