Jan 11, 2015

Positive No to Record Debut Album

We are starting the new year with some big news. Positive No is returning back to Magpie Cage (The recording studio owned by J Robbins) next weekend to begin making their debut album called Glossa.

Here is the official press release.


Language is ever evolving. This is not a process exclusive to the people of a single nation or a region; it is also a niche communication we develop between ourselves and the people we interact with each day. Our individual life experiences and the environments we grow roots in help to further shape our dialect. The words we use, the way we use them, they are our glossa*. Our tongue. Our language.

The Positive No debut full length release will be entitled Glossa. These 12 songs are a custom dictionary that illustrate and capture snapshots in time. Some are deeply personal modern tales dotted with local color (Richmond, VA) while other expressions reflect ancient history from as far away as the Mississippi Delta, Hoboken, a coastal city in South Texas, and Iceland.


  1. Weird Hugs

  2. You Shoot, I Ladder

  3. Pedal Through

  4. Þingvellir

  5. Outdoor Drama

  6. Vows

  7. Bonded Pair

  8. Marjorie & Royal

  9. #DIV/0!

  10. Stranger’s Light

  11. Venetian Streets

  12. Northern Aggressor


This material was written by Kenneth Close & Tracy Wilson then binded by two distinct groups of people who have helped to translate and communicate this unique glossary.

Positive No return to the Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD (J Robbins studio) in January to record Glossa. The studio band lineup will feature the very same people who played on their EP Via Florum : Kenneth Close (guitar), James Menefee (bass), Willis Thompson (drums), and Tracy Wilson (vocals)

In 2015 PN will also have a brand new rhythm section. The band lineup post recording of Glossa will include Stuart Holt on drums (of Sports Bar) and Tim Morris on bass (of many bands including Ultra Dolphin & Brainworms).



Apr 17, 2012

Dunebuggy : Out Today!

Hey indie Pop fans, the Dunebuggy LP / Digitial recording is out TODAY. You can buy the record via all the usual digital webstores like iTunes or Amazon and if your local record shop doesn't stock the LP for some reason, tell them to order it from the good people at Cobraside

Jun 22, 2011

If you ever wondered what kind of musicians and songs inspire Runhild - check out her playlist!

May 20, 2011

Style Weekly Interview

Here is a quick read on a few Richmond labels and the people behind them, myself included.

Oct 27, 2010

The good news the music review site Still-Single was not only kind enough to take the time to review the Dynamic Truths release, they gave it a darn fine review too!. The bad news is I am in the middle of redoing this website so I am afraid it isn't quite up to the standards I would like it to be. My apologies! It will be all finished soon and all the release / artist pages will be complete soon. Again, I am sorry if some of the pages are a little rough around the edges or not working. They will be soon. Promise. -Tracy