Dec 26, 2010

Happy Holidays ! ! !

These are happy days here at LBC for a few good reason:

1) I have 30 more Dynamic Truth LPs for sale in the webstore. They are exactly the same as the first press except these 30 will not come with a CD.

2) I have added a few more titles that have not be available for several months including Ringfinger CDs, LPs, and Cinemasophia's very limited CDR.

3) I have begun putting the pieces together for Runhild's LP. More news about what the incredible packaging will be, costs, and when I will be taking pre-orders for it will be coming soon. Don't forget you can buy Amplicon via most digital web stores right now!

4) The Dynamic Truths release is seeing some nice end of year press.Thank you Doug at Dusted for your suport!

He says :"More of an issue than a reissue (and what a pressing issue it is, figuratively and literally), 2010 finally saw the release of long-shelved material by Richmond’s Dynamic Truths, a long-forgotten project of Bob Schick (Honor Role, Coral) and David Jones (Fudge) entitled Understanding is Overrated (Little Black Cloud). A tense, masterful indie rock record, it is a fine companion to The Young album, which all but saved indie rock from a bunch of computer ads, and should be a welcome addition to any home"

5) More news about the Dunebuggy release coming soon.  We are working on remastering the collection now and I should have the artist profile completed by the end of January. For now this will be just a digital release.