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  • Remember Us?

    We're back and we have some big news! 

    It has been two years since the release of Positive No's debut full length Glossa. SURPRISE! We have a brand new release, Partners in the Wild, coming out on October 20th to coincide with our October Beach Slang/Pet Symmetry tour dates. 

    10/20 – Asbury Park, NJ - House of Independents

    10/21 – Richmond, VA - The Broadberry (with Ann Beretta)

    10/22 – Durham, NC - Motorco Music Hall

    10/23 – Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

    10/24 – Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade

    Positive No has been a band for nearly 6 years and remains at its core myself, Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed/Ringfinger), and Kenneth Close. After 8 years of also being life partners, Kenny and I eloped this past April. The biggest influence on our band's approach to writing is each other. We design our songs to be thoughtful conversations between all of the instruments which creates space for each member to be heard.

    Last year Keith Renna (Dunebuggy previously) joined Positive No as our new drummer. The roll of our bass player has been split between two people live and on record: Matt Klimas from the Snowy Owls (2016) and currently Jon Procopio (Dahlia Seed/Dunebuggy/Unbutton). Playing music with Keith and Jon, two of my oldest friends, as well as my husband, has created a tight bond that gives Super Glue a run for its money.  

    The period between November of 2016 and today is a blurry headache. It has honestly has been a surreal time to write and record new music as our nation's political climate reaches a boiling point and deadly riots bring unrest to our backyard here in Virginia. Undeniably, some of this rage and tension has seeped into our music but we also feel fortunate to have a sturdy foundation as a band comprised of close friends.

    In winter of 2016, we released a charity digital single and donated all proceeds to safe space protectors HollaBack! called “Reinvent the Space” with the help of War On Women. This spring and summer we completed writing and recording our new album. Partners in the Wild however is by no means all angst and darkness. We could feel defeated by these strange times but we have each other and we have music. With art and love, there is hope.

    Track listing

    1)      Y.A.A.Y.Y. 

    2)      Become of Üs

    3)      Hey Angel

    4)      Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

    5)      Kind Reminder

    6)      Broken

    7)      Debate Team Captain

    8)      Lights Out

    9)      Flourish Exeunt

    10)   Energy Crisis

    11)   My Best (Awaiting Your Reply)

    12)   Fault Line