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  • Dynamic Truths Live in 2015

    It still feels like a dream. We released the Dynamic Truths compilation 5 years ago and the band who had not played together since 2000 discussed playing a reuinion shows but it never happened. Life got in the way. For the band there was a terminally ill parent to be focused on and singer Bob was fighting / beat cancer of the mouth which as you can imagine for a singer is a nightmare come true. So the record came out. We basked in their greatness as a recorded entity and I don't know about anyone else but I sort of thought my chances of finally seeing this band live was over. But then...

    Suddenly a show invite pops up in my Facebook for an entire Richmond reunion band line up. The Eccentrics which were a Richmond high school band in the '80s, Dynamic Truths, and The Technical Jed - all bands that had not existed in a long time all playing on one solid bill. YAY! At long last, many of us got to see the Dynamic Truths live on December 12th in the year of 2015. Christmas came early. 

    There have been a rotating cast of characters playing in the DTs over the years but for this show it was: Bob Schick singing (Honor Role/Coral ), Bill Walker (Coral) on drums, Chip Jones (Honor Role/Coral) on bass, David Jones (Fudge on guitar, and Ricky Tubb on second guitar (Eccentrics/The Technical Jed / Waking Hours/Bucket). And with so many old school Richmond rockers the audience was a who's who of Richmond, VA Rock bands from the past three decades. The overall vibe was a reunion for everyone in the room. It was a packed house (The Answer Bew Pub) and a good time was had by all.

    Dynamic Truths played for about about 35 minutes and here is their set with two new songs (which to be clear are as good as anythng they have recorded to date) !: With Angels / New Light / You Take It All / Bust Stop /  Behind the Killer ... / Good TIme / Uh-Huh / The Cred / Profit from Loss/ Past is Black and White/ I Hope Your Happy / Sailors of the Highway

    I can't thank everyone involved enough for their time and energy to make this show happen. I was also gifted a handful of old flyers so I have photographed them and shared them with the live shots. The left side of the stage was blocked by people in front of me (short people problems) so I am sorry that I didn't get a shot of Ricky. Also I have so much respect for Ricky. He recently lost a brother and still played a ton of shows.

    Music heals.