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  • Positive No - Glossa - Pre-Order Now!


    We are so excited to share the details of the new Positive No debut long player entitled Glossa.

    But first, did you see that NPR Music premiered the first Positive No single and video? The video is a spoof on Heavy Metal Parking Lot. We reimagined the theme as Indie Rock Parking Lot set in the '90s. 

    Now more about Glossa - OUT SEPTEMBER 18th! 

    Positive No’s debut full length release is entitled Glossa. These 12 songs are a custom dictionary that illustrate and capture snapshots in time. Some are deeply personal modern tales dotted with local color while other expressions reflect ancient history from as far away as Iceland. Here guitars, bass, and drums burst like synchronized fireworks (think dynamic energy of the Chapel Hill guitar bands in the ‘90s - Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, and Polvo) while complex vocal melodies dart between the rawness of PJ Harvey and the twee charge of Amelia Fletcher from Heavenly.

    Lyrics are the fuel behind these moody pyrotechnics and for this reason the band has also created a 7” x 7” 26 page full color book. Band member and graphic designer Kenneth Close has produced a total of 12 unique art pieces partnered with the lyrics. In turn every song on Glossa has been treated like a short story worthy of its own book cover. For those who appreciate Factory Records or 4AD for their the album art as well as the music, this small book (that also comes with a digital download that doubles as a bookmark) will speak volumes. The meticulous attention to detail in the music, the words, and the packaging is staggering. 

    *** The CD and cassette version is being produced by our friends at Negative Fun Records ***

    *** You can pre-order the book, CD, or tape through us (see the "STORE" link above) or via Negative Fun Records. ***


         Positive No Summer / Fall Tour Dates

    • 8/15 Gallery 5 - Richmond, VA Commonwealth of Notions (Festival)
    • 9/2 Roanoke, VA w/ Eternal Summers
    • 9/12 Legends - Raleigh, NC Negative Fun Hopscotch day party
    • 9/18 Gallery 5 - Richmond, VA Record Release Party w/ very special guests
    • 9/19 The Bathtub Republic - Washington, DC
    • 10/1 Boot & Saddle - Philladelphia, PA w /Maritime
    • 10/2 TBD 
    • 10/3 Hifi Bar - New York, NY
    • 10/4 WPRB (studio performance) - Princeton , NJ