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  • July Web Store Super Sale Starts Today

    Welcome to our very first label sale. We have been around for a little over 5 years and it is time to clean house a bit as well as raise some money for future releases. We have marked down just about everything in the web store, some as much as 40% off. The sale will run for the entire month of July or until items sell out.

    As far as what else is going on at the Little Black Cloud world headquarters, see below. Lot's of opportunity to see our bands play live this month. 

    The Teargas Rock LP is still scheduled for August 5th. Pressing plants are forever backed up these days because of Record Store Day madness but as soon as I get a firm ship date, I will put up a pre-order page. Reminder: it will be limited to a mere 300 copies. In other amazing news, THE BAND IS PLAYING A FEW SHOWS ! ! !  This is a huge deal as the band only played one show back in the early 2000s before breaking up. 

    Teargas Rock Tour Dates: 

    * Friday, July 25th / Wolf Cycles / Philly, PA / 7:30: Teargas Rock, ADVLTS, Hound, Bad Energy

    * Saturday, July 26th / The Silent Barn / Brooklyn, NY / 8PM : Teargas Rock, ADVLTS, Hound, Nabrok

    * Sunday, July 27th / Otto Bar Upstairs / Baltimore, MD : Teargas Rock, ADVLTS

    * Friday, August 29th / Black Iris Studio / Richmond, VA / 8PM :  Teargas Rock, Alarms & Control (Dischord Records), Positive No


    Stephen Brodsky is hitting the road this month with Emma Ruth Rundle and there might just be a special surprise or two coming soon along the lines of another free download by the man himself. A man of many musical projects, Mutoid Man is still going strong and recently signed to Sargent House.

     Brodsky Solo Dates:

     * 7/13 Brooklyn, St. Vitus with Stephen Brodsky, Jason Bartell

     * 7/15 Philadelphia, Bourbon and branch with Stephen Brodsky, Jason Bartell

     * 7/16 Washington DC, DC-9 with Stephen Brodsky


    This summer Positive No is laying low, writing songs for our first full length. and plotting how to raise the funds to record (fear not, no Kickstarter nonsense from us). All of the funds from the Positive No sales this month will go towards the cause.

    Two Shows:

    * Friday, August 8th / Gallery 5 / Richmond, VA : Hoax Hunters Record Release Party, Dave Watkins / Positive No

    * Friday, August 29th / Black Iris Studio / Richmond, VA / 8PM : Chain & The Gang, Teargas Rock, Positive No



     The Universe People have a brand new release out RIGHT NOW  ! ! ! The self released digital album is available here. They also have a new video, check it out! They also have vinyl coming soon - stay tuned for more information on that.



    Universe People Tour Dates :

    * 7/10 - Sunset Tavern / Seattle, WA

    * 7/19 - Foggy Notion / Portland, OR

    * 7/22 - Chop Suey / Seattle, WA



    Malhombre is playing an early show this week here in Richmond, VA. The show is part of Anti-Mag's Happy Hour series and runs from 5PM to 7PM. Malhombre will go on no later than 6.


    Check out footage from a recent live performance here.