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  • Teargas Rock, FINALLY ! ! !

    Big news! The Teargas Rock LP is happening and scheduled for Summer of 2014 ! ! !

    For those who don’t know the Teargas Rock story, it is close to my heart because it links two places I have called home, New Jersey & Richmond as well as some people I have had the pleasure of calling friends for nearly 20 years.

    Adam was a member of Born Against, who like me came from the underground music scene in the NYC area during the early ‘90s (we lived down the street from each other in Jersey City). He eventually moved to Richmond, VA and started a new band called the (Young) Pioneers that included a bass player named Marty (most recently playing with Teddy Leo). The (Young) Pioneers broke up in 1999 but then Adam and Marty started a new band called Teargas Rock with drummer Randy (The Great Unraveling). They recorded a handful of songs, planned to release it via Troubleman Records but when the band broke up in 2000, the release was shelved.

    Amazingly, even though I was in a band with a few releases on Troubleman and call two of the members of Teargas Rock good friends, I truthfully had absolutely no idea that this band or these songs ever existed. A mutual friend asked me about their record last year and I had to confess that I had no idea what he was talking about. I quickly discovered Teargas Rock did in fact exist but because they were only around for a year, their record never saw the light of day, and they only played live once, very few people know of this band at all.

    Once I had the opportunity to finally hear these songs, I knew I had to release it. They capture a classic, raw, energetic garage rock style that I LOVE - think Rocket From the Crypt below the Mason-Dixon line. This self titled record isn’t just a must own for the ‘90s hardcore band family tree completest, it is worth owning because the song writing quality is tremendous and timeless.

    All 7 songs have been remastered and will be available in the digital format and as a 12” record. The vinyl will be limited to just 300 copies and also carries the original artwork and insert. Pressing plants have been backed up thanks to Record Store Day so we have yet to have offer a definitive street date but I should have one to offer soon. I suspect it will be July-ish. Don't quote me but there may even be a live show by the band to celebrate this release.