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  • Thank you!


    THANK YOU for making my 5th year as a record label my best yet. I am so grateful for your support and if I am lucky, maybe I will see you on tour in 2014 to thank you in person. 

    Happy Holidays,


    Universe People 

    There has been some cha cha changes in 2013 for the Universe People. Min has replaced Dave on drums (you may know Min from such bands as Dreamsalon /  A Frames) and Kimberly replaced Kellie on bass. Jo however is still going strong on guitar and vocals.

    This Seattle, WA trio will be recording a new full-length in January at MRX recording studio with Matt Stegner. Min's other band Dreamsalon has their full-length debut LP coming out on Captcha Records any day now. 

    At this very moment Universe People has been furiously learning Devo covers for the big Devo tribute night at Chop Suey soon. This is a do not miss kind of show at Chop Suey in Seattle on Friday, Dec 6th.!

    I have just a few copies left of their spectacular debut EP and don’t forget, it comes with a killer poster too!


    Stephen Brodsky:

    There is no rest for the wicked!

    Stephen has been regularly playing live shows since the release of Hit or Mystery. He has also joined forces with drummer Ben of Converge to form the thunderous duo Mutoid Man. Their debut release is on Magic Bullet Records (CD/LP/Digital) is out NOW. Read a stellar local review of this album here. Last but not least, they also have a record release party in NYC on 12/13.

    Brodsky's colored vinyl is almost sold out so if you want one, act now as they will probably be gone after the holidays. 

    Positive No: 

    We are very excited about our upcoming shows as we are finally starting to venture outside of the Richmond area. The bad news is that as our travel plans increase, our bass player Josh will not be with in 2014. The good news is that we have luckily found a replacement bass player and will make a big announcement about it in the new year. This was our first full year as an active band and we are so thankful for all the incredible support. We are really excited to play more shows out of town and record a full length by late Spring.

     Tour Dates: 


    12/13/13 : Richmond VA @ Gallery 5 W/ Davenport Cabinet + Unbutton 

    12/14/13:  Washington DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel W/ Davenport Cabinet / Laura Tsagarris


    2/13/14 : Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter W/ Bleeding Rainbow / Hunters

    2/14/14 : Philadelphia, PA @ EMAIL US FOR DETAILS W/ No Other (

    2/15/14 : Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory W/ Ancient Sky

    2/16/14 : Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut W/ TBD

    Positive No records, CDs, and shirts are available here. 



    In a million years I never thought this would happen but amazingly Jon and Keith – the primary members of Dunebuggy (of Spinart Records fame) - have been playing together again under the name Unbutton. Even more incredibly they have agreed to play one show, right here in Richmond with Positive No and Davenport Cabinet. For fans of perfect Pop songs (think Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, with a touch of Pavement) that don’t waste anytime getting to the hook, they are a must see band – not to mention who knows when this opportunity to catch them will ever arise again. If you live on the East Coast, do not miss their December 13th show! 

    There are literally just a few Dunebuggy LPs left!


    Brilliant news! Tannon is on the mend post major car accident and is playing again with his other band Loincloth as they are working on a new album. And speaking of Loincloth (who all three members of Gauchiste also play in) check out this awesome future shirt that VoiVod's Michel "Away" Langevin's Loincloth recently created. Anyhow, I know Loincloth is working on a new album so I can only hope there will be time for some new Gauchiste music too.