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  • News Update for January 2013

    I can't believe how much great news I have to share.

    Today Rolling Stone announced the debut single "Real Surreal Beauty" off of Stephen Brodsky's upcoming solo EP for us. Hit or Mystery will be released on vinyl April 16th and it will also be available in the digital form too. Read more about Stephen and his new record here. We also have a Soundcloud page with a litte more info about the release. 

    On a side note, Cave In (Stephen Brodsky's band) just released a benefit EP for a Hurricane Sandy ravaged recording studio Translator Audio. 

    Last but not least Stephen will be a touring member of Old Man Gloom who are playing dates in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan with Converge. 

    Look for more updates about this release very soon!


    In other news today, Gauchiste made it onto the Village Voice writer Jordan Mamone's top 10 of 2012 list. Their debut album rests firmly at #5. Congrats Gauchiste who are also in the band Loincloth and made onto the list at #2! ! ! Woah. The Gauchiste LP / CD is still in print and available in our web store. 


    Filter Magazine wrote about the upcoming Universe People album called Go to the Sun and you can stream their first single there. Their LP will be out on February 19th and it comes with a killer horror movie inspired band poster. Lots more news about this album, plus a new video, will be coming at you soon.

    The band has their record release party / show in Seattle on March 2nd at the Rendezvous. I will be there!


    One of the world's greatest lyricists and front men, Bob Schick of Honor Role / Coral / Dynami Truths has a comic dedicated to him. 


    The gorgeous Malhombre single featuring April March and Melissa Aud der Maur is now available in our web store! It is very limited and going fast!


    My new band Positive No (ex Dahlia Seed / Tao & the Get Down Stay Down) is playing our second show. It looks like we will be recording our debut single for Little Black Cloud with J Robbins at the end of next month but more news about that coming later. We will also have a band shirt available for sale here next week. It looks like this. 


    The indie-Pop classic Dunebuggy LP is almost sold out. Buy now or forever hold your peace. 

    Thanks again for all your support and reading this long list of happy news.