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  • Get to Know Malhombre (With Special Guests April March and Melissa Auf der Maur)


    We are releasing a debut single on October 16th by Malhombre, a Richmond, VA artist who is new(ish) to our music community but has been making tremendous music for decades. Read on to learn more!

    Malhombre is Frederic Blasco.

    Born in Paris in the late ‘60s, he began playing guitar in his teens and has dedicated himself to the musical arts in both France and America (Richmond, VA / NYC) ever since.

    In 1997 Blasco began leading a musical project called Blasco Ballroom that for a brief time included Sam Fogarino who would later join Interpol. When the Blasco Ballroom evaporated after the release of their one full length recording , Blasco decided to focus on playing keyboard for other musicians and put his own art aside. He first toured with Cordero, then April March, and eventually landed in Interpol for their 2004 tour. Following his stint with Interpol on the road, he then played with Mikael Jorgensen from Wilco, the Secret Machines, Adam Franklin(Swervedriver), Depedro (solo project of Jairo Zavala from Calexico). He also joined Magnetic Morning, when Sam Fogarino and Adam Franklin decided to flesh out their project.

    In short, Frederic Blasco has played with many incredibly talented and respected musicians but after years of letting others take the spotlight, he is ready to step back into it. This leads us to the present tense where Frederic Blasco has recently returned back to Richmond, VA.

    Malhombre is his newest creative venture that began as a solo project but more recently has developed into a full band that explores the space between the seductive charm of Serge Gainsbourg and the bleak balladeering of The Tindersticks.  

    His debut single on Little Black Cloud Records represents the first step in Malhombre’s dazzling musical timeline; before his present band line up was secured. Here a gifted group of guest musicians have helped him flesh out his first two songs “Musique Rock” and “Fini”, and it is these recordings that grace the two sides of this single.

    The hypnotic A side entitled “Musique Rock” was inspired by the 1999 French film Une Liaison Pornagraphique and features April March on vocals. Here she sings entirely in French with a delicate melancholy tone and to round out this song beyond guitar, Steve Weiss drums (he has also played with AM and Depedro).

    “Fini” on the AA side is a smouldering, breathy duet sung in French and English and takes place between Blasco and Melissa Auf der Maur of Hole /Smashing Pumpkins / MAdM. The music also features several friends of Blasco who have played with a myriad of bands such as Cracker and Sparklehorse. As the title “Fini” suggests, a love affair has ended and the man has drunk his way out of her heart.

    Together these two songs celebrate a classic sexy ‘60s French ballad style that sounds modern yet timeless. They describe affairs of the heart but avoid the trappings of a sappy love song.

    The 7” will be limited to 500 copies on deep red opaque vinyl and comes housed in a handsome die-cut sleeve designed by Kenneth Close. Artwork also includes a Slept In Beds image taken by Nicholas Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeas).

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