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  • July Update

    Hello and a happy Summer to you,

       The best news I can offer is that I am employed again and a new full time job means I can afford to put out new records again, YAY! And speaking of new records, there will be at least two coming out this year.

       The first of these two releases is a 7" single mostly sung in French by the Richmond, Va artist Malhombre. It features guest vocals by two amazing women, April March on one side and Melissa Auf der Maur on the other. There will be lots more information about this release in the weeks to come but first we are trying to finalize the artwork. Like all of our releases, the cover art is as important to us as the music. Our goal is to have the single come with a hand stamped envelope nestled into the front cover that will contain a two sided insert. The front will be a spectacular image taken by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) from his Slept in Beds photograph series and the back will contain all the details about the recordings.

    Here is a picture of the man himself, meet Malhombre

       This tremendous photo is by PJ Sykes

    The other record coming out this year is a 12" EP from Stephen Brodsky, frontman to the band Cave In. Right now we have 5 songs mixed and ready to go but there could end up being one more snuck into the line up. I should have an update about this shortly. In other Steve happenings, he recently played a show with the legendary band Codeine in Brooklyn. Check out this video of Stephen playing the aptly titled song "Cave In" with Codeine;  Stephen's apparant enthusiasm for sharing the stage with them is pricess.

       In other major news, all three members of Gauchiste are now members of the mighty Loincloth (a Southern Lord Records band) . Tannon Penland was already a member of both bands but just last month it was announced that Tomas Phillips and Craig Hilton have also joined forces and this means we can expect some Loincloth live dates in the Fall. YES! And do to so many requests we have done one last repress of the Gauchiste CD in the metal tin. They are available from our webstore right now and Cobraside Distro should have them back in stock lthe week of the 23rd.

       Also do to high demand, we did one more limited repress of the Dunebuggy LP. This second press of 100 feature a change in the color vinyl (was white); 50 in blue and 50 in red. Collect all three and feel super patriotic! Our web store should have these two new colors in about two weeks. I will announce it here when they are in stock. This also means our distributor Cobraside will have them in a few weeks too.

       A happy belated birthday to Runhild Gammelsæter! And what could be a more appropriate news story on her big day than physicists finding the elusive particle believed to be the key to understanding the universe? If you are familiar with Runhild's debut solo release Amplicon you will understand why the date of this discovery couldn't be better.

       Last but not least my new band Positive No has finished a 5 song and we have a 6th one in the works now. This means we are about half way towards having enough material to record a full lenth and should have enough songs to start playing out by late Summer. We now have a permanent drummer, Will Thompson who had been playing with Thao With the Get Down Stay Down. We are still on hunt for a permanent bass player (hence why we haven't played out yet) but hopefully we will secure the final piece of this puzzle soon. This does mean I have been a little distracted from working on Ringfinger material but I do plan on recording an EP of new material in the near future. 

    Over and out,