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  • Watch the New Gauchiste Video : viols

    This is a Little Black Cloud Records first and I am thrilled to finally offer a music video for one of our artists. The video was shot by myself and my better half Kenneth who does all the graphic design for the label. It was animated and edited by Jason Quarles and I deeply thank Kenneth and Jason for all their help and hard work as well as Gauchiste for giving me their blessing to experiment with visuals put to one of their songs.

    Our goal was to create something that wasn’t filled with stereotypical images typically associated with heavy music. The idea was to study our surroundings and discover the weight, beauty, and unearth darkness in surprising places like delicate orchidaceae that upon closer investigation look monstrous and erotic or a simple swinging rope curled accidentally like a noose.

    The song viols comes from the self titled Gauchiste album that came out earlier this year on the label. It is available on CD, LP, and the digital format. 

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