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  • Gauchiste - S/T - LP / CD / Digital : OUT TODAY!

    If you live in Richmond, VA, the CD and LP is available at Deep Groove, Plan 9, and Steady Sounds TODAY.

    If you are a record shop (or a customer at a local store) elsewhere in the world., the CD and LP will be available through Cobraside with a street date of 1/31 and should start shipping out next week. 

    If you are more into the digital thing, the music is available through all your traditional MP3 stores like iTunes and Amazon RIGHT NOW ! ! ! 

    Copies of the CD and LP are also available through our webstore. 

    Thanks to all who have already purchased it or made mention of it in the press. Most of all a huge thank you to the members of Gauchiste for making such an interesting and exciting record, Kenny for making it look so darn handsome, and Talia for getting word out to the press. The label might be just me on paper but it really is everyone who helps to make these releases possible and those of you who are kind enough to support us by buying the art we release.