Gauchiste Bio

Artist: Gauchiste

Members: Craig Hilton, Tannon Penland, and Tomas Phillips

Hometown : Raleigh, NC / RVA

Years Active : 2009 - Present

Genre: Ambient Isolationist Maldoror , Experi-metal, blood in the snow

RIYL: Lautreamont, Thomas, Köner, KTL, Kevin Drumm, Francisco López, Black Mountain Transmitter, Sunn O))), Celtic Frost, Stéphane Mallarmé, Samuel Beckett


Following Tomas’s sonic experiments in the sampling of revered metal bands Confessor and the more recent Loincloth, he joined forces with Tannon and Craig to push further into new perspectives on exceptionally heavy music. Out of a shared love of both metal and abstract, minimalist forms, together they incorporate various influences into a whole while adhering to their own unique vision.This they do via methodical arrangements and oscillations between lush ethereality and opaque, isolationist surfaces that cut to the center of the music and, ultimately, the listening experience.

Their debut CD / LP / Digital release is due January 23rd, 2012.

Associated Acts : Loincloth

Discography: See below for each member

Tomas Phillips selected discography:

Le Goût du néant, with Craig Hilton, on Absinth Records (Germany), 2011
Vignette Amplifié, with Luigi Turra, on Nitkie Records (Russia), 2011
Prosa, with Marihiko Hara, on Tench (USA), 2010
Quartet for Instruments, on Humming Conch Records (Germany), 2010
Blau, with Jason Bivens, on Dragon’s Eye Recordings (USA), 2010
IC, with Francisco López, on Aural Terrains (UK), 2010
Ligne Donnée, with i8u (France Jobin), on Atak (Japan), 2009
Drink_Deep, on Non Visual Objects (Austria), 2007
Intermission/Six Feuilles, on Line (USA), 2006
On Dit, on Trente Oiseaux (Germany), 2003

Craig Hilton selected discography:
I Will Be the Light (with UR), AFE Records, 2008
The Smoking Mirror, Young Girls Records, 2008
 Amatra (with Yannick Franck), Young Girls Records
 PU94 (with Maurizio Bianchi), Silentes, 2009
 Le Goût De Néant (with Tomas Phillips), Absinth Records 2011

Tannon Penland:
Church Burntings - Loincloth , Southern Lord, 2003
VA / Swami Sound System Vol 1 – Swami, 2003
Iron Balls of Steel – Loincloth – Southern Lord – forthcoming early 2012

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