Artist : Gauchiste

Title : S/T

Street Date : 1/17/2012

Cat# : LBC 005

Format: CD (150) LP (100), digital

UPC : CD 610256938684 / LP 610256938561

File Under : Ambient Isolationist Maldoror , Experi-metal, Electronic, Metal

Hometown : Raleigh, NC / Richmond, VA

Key Markets : Richmond, Montreal, NYC, Germany, France, SF, Japan

Members - Tannon Penland, Tomas Phillips, and Craig Hilton.

RIYL: Lautreamont, Thomas, Köner, KTL, Kevin Drumm, Francisco López, Black Mountain Transmitter, Sunn O))), Celtic Frost, Stéphane Mallarmé, Samuel Beckett


1. viols

2. when we are gone/

3. choeur I

4. /the light is alone

5. choeur II

6. autist hammer

7. stop believin


GAUCHISTE is a trio consisting of Tannon Penland, Tomas Phillips, and Craig Hilton. Tannon is based in Richmond, VA and is also in the instrumental group Loincloth who are newly signed to Southern Lord Records. Tomas as well as Craig are from Raleigh, NC and are prolific electronic musicians specializing in the sparse. (Absinth Records, Nitkie Records, AFE Records, and Young Girls Records to name just a few)

Out of a shared love of both metal and abstract minimalist forms, GAUCHISTE are two parts electronic genius and one part grim reaper. The sum of those parts is a self titled debut coming January 17th, 2012; seven songs that fuse Penderecki to Celtic Frost. At long last sounds of terror you can meditate to.

Little Black Cloud Records is honored to be a part of this ground breaking collaboration of styles and artistry. This release has been mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Scorn, Lotus Eaters, etc...) who
specializes in making extreme music of all kinds shimmer and has worked with heavyweights such as Sunn O))), Earth, and Goslings.

The LP is limited to 100. The pressing color is black and carries a black label with handwritten notations to reflect side A & B (one upside down cross or two). The LP is housed in a plain black cardboard sleeve that is wrapped 3/4s of the way with cover art on heavy, high quality matte paper. A special insert has been created to sit within the cover to complete the artwork on the backside, much like a puzzle piece. The hand mirror cover art and layout has been designed by artist Kenneth Close and each record contains a digital download card.

The compact disc is also limited to 100 and also carries a mirror (compact) theme. The CD comes in a round metal tin with a plastic window in the center allowing the reflective CD to be viewed without
opening the case. The liner notes are stored beneath the CD (accessible by removing the clear inner plastic that secures the CD in place) and the back of the tin case is stickered to complete the artful packaging.

Band Site :!/GauchisteBand

Publicity : PRawr / Talia Miller -