Dynamic Truths Bio

Artist: Dynamic Truths

Main Members: Bob Schick - Vocals, David Jones - guitar / keys, Bill Walker-drums

Played with the band at various times: Will Gavin - bass, Chip Jones - bass + guitar intro on Uh Huh, Steve Brooking - bass+ keys, Clancy Fraher - guitar, Ricky Tubb - guitar, Fred Schick - guitar+ keys, John Gotschalk- keys at the end of "Behind the Killer"

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Associated Acts: Honor Role, Coral, Technical Jed, Waking Hours, Tree Fort Angst, One Ring Zero,  Kinevils, Red Hot Lave Men

Fun Fact: Bob Schick and Tracy from Ringfinger work in the same building.

Years Active: 1996-2000 (DTs never toured and only played a small handful of shows during their time as an active band.)

Discography Merge Records 7” You Take It All / Exit Screaming 1998 , a track (Understanding is Overrated) on an early Yep Rock comp

Genre: Rock / Post-punk

RIYL: Honor Role, Coral, Merge Records catalog completists,  Alternative TV,  The Fall,  Gang Of Four,  Joy Division,  Superchunk,  Modern Lovers,  Hot Snakes,  Chris Thompson bands,  PIL, founding fathers of math rock. Noisy NZ '80s bands,  Early Echo

Bio: I would love to be able say if you loved Honor Role and Coral you will love the Dynamic Truths too but sadly these are bands still unknown to most indie music enthusiasts… even though Merge Records has been singing their praises and releasing many of their records over the years.

These were Richmond Virginia bands that pretzel knotted hardcore ALA Husker Du circa 1983 to a groundbreaking style now called math-rock with a biting vocal attack in the realm of Mark E Smith. To further add to the band’s weight consider lyrics that read like Raymond Carver fronting Fugazi and there you have a rough idea of what Honor Role and Coral were about and then in turn what Dynamic Truths grew out of.

What amazes me most about these songs, 98% of which were never released, is how well they have survived the test of time. They could fit on a mix along with the best of 80’s British post punk, 90’s angsty indie rock like Superchunk or Circus Lupus, any band featuring John Reis or Rick Froberg.