Dunebuggy Bio

Artist: Dunebuggy

Members: Michael Reilly, Keith Renna, Jon-Michael, (guest vocals by Tracy Wilson)

Hometown: New York City / New Jersey

Fun Fact: John Strohm wore a Dunebuggy t-shirt in the promo pics for his post-Blake Babies band, Antenna.

Related: Dahlia Seed

Years Active: 90's

Genre: Indie Pop

RIYL: Melodic Indie Guitar Pop, Lemonheads, Built to Spill, Guided By VoicesArchers of Loaf, Pixies, Blake Babies

Bio: Born of suburban boredom, the D.I.Y. aesthetic of skateboarding, and an obsessive appreciation for well-crafted pop tunes, Dunebuggy had the great fortune of being part of the inspiring New York City music scene of the mid 90's. What started as a duo of friends (Keith Renna and Jon-Michael) butchering cover tunes by their favorite punk bands, evolved into an original power trio with the addition of bass player Michael Reilly, and was occasionally complimented by vocalist Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed).

Drawing a heavy influence from both the Boston music scene(Lemonheads, Pixies, and Blake Babies) as well as inspiration from legendary bands such as the Replacements, Sonic Youth, Minutemen, and the Pretenders, the band focused on becoming a tightly knit unit intent on creating clever indie rock with pop hooks.

Dunebuggy's sound is punctuated by quirky phrasing, angular guitars, and imaginative lyrics. The bands goal was always to put the songs first, doing what was best for the them as a whole, and attempting to craft short works of pop perfection with a healthy dose of experimentation. Hard hitting, inventive drumming grounds the entangled and intertwining bass and guitar work. Indie pop, heart on the sleeve songs are shrouded in lyrical intricacies and cryptic prose.

Dunebuggy would go on to open for indie rock legends such as Archers of Loaf, Blonde Redhead, Air Miami, and the Apples in Stereo.

From left to right : Keith (drums),                            Michael (bass),                             Jon (guitar+vocals)