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Hometown: Richmond, VA / Brooklyn NY

The Members:
Elise Steenburgh: vocals, keyboards, samples
John Merchant: vocals, guitar, bass
Jay Ward: vocals, bass, guitar
Landis Wine: vocals, guitar
Dan Cottner: drums

RIYL: '90s American boy/girl shoegaze (Swirlies + Lilys), Polvo, The Sounds of Kaleidoscope, a more subversive version of the Stars or Death Cab for Cutie, and people who dig Slumberland bands.

The Scoop: More to come on this band as we get closer to the release of their new record in early 2009 but what you need to know is this: LBC Records fell in love with them in a big way and decided they were way too good to let some other label snap 'em up. To put it simply, Cinemasophia are a top-notch indie rock band with all the twist and turns of a world class roller coaster.

· Fits & Cycles (March 3, 2009) – digital and LP
· Whole Ghosts CD only to date
· Dialectic – CD only to date

About the Band, Written By the Band:

1. We've played with Grizzly Bear, The Rosebuds, Dirty Projectors, Lilys, Asobi Seksu, Spokane, and many others.

2. We have released two albums thus far: "Dialectic" in 2004, which was recorded in Landis's grandmother's basement, and "Whole Ghosts" in 2007, recorded primarily in the Outer Banks.

3. Formed in 2004 after the recording of "Dialectic" by Landis and Jay.

4. Jay, John and Landis have known each other since they were six. We've played in competing garage bands since 7th grade.

5. A fire nearly consumed Sound of Music studios on the day the band was set to begin recording "Fits & Cycles."

6. We have never successfully made it through a record with an entire line-up intact. There have been a total of 14 members since the recording of "Dialectic."

7. We wrote and rehearsed "Fits & Cycles" in a dank shed behind a house in Richmond last fall while consuming Mickey's and battling the elements.

8. Have never toured with less than two vehicles. It's a massive carbon footprint, we know.

9. Approached by John Morand (producer of Camper Van Beethoven, Royal Trux, Labradford, Sparklehorse, Breadwinner, Daniel Johnston) to record what became "Fits & Cycles" during band practice one day when he taped a track sheet to the door of our drummer's apartment building.

10. We almost broke up during the assembly of this bullet point list.