The label began with the release of Ringfinger’s (that's me!) debut in 2008 and I have been putting out just a few records a year (by other artists) as a hobby ever since. It is all about quality for me, not quantity. I don't have one particular style of music I favor so the only goal I have with this label is to release music that truly takes my breath away. That could be ambient Metal or that could mean candy coated twee Pop and or anything in between. I don't care about music trends or following just one lonely little genre. Great music comes in all forms and I am happy to explore as much of it as possible and to share it with others via small, limited edition pressings.

My other passion besides music is creating thoughtful and interesting record packaging with my creative better half Kenneth Close. Music is truly important to me but so is the art that surrounds it.When you buy something from LBC, I want you to feel like you own something special, something you won't regret taking up room on a shelf or in a music folder on your desktop. Ideally I would like to be the kind of label that reminds people why they enjoy owning music in the first place. Little Black Cloud Records may not be a very big label but I am truly a massive fan of music.

The artist roster is as follows:

*Ringfinger * Malhombre * Dynamic Truths* Runhild Gammelsaeter * Gauchiste * Dunebuggy* Universe People* Stephen Brodsky * Positive No * Teargas Rock

We have a brand new exclusive distributor. If you are a store or distributor, please contact the great people at COBRASIDE or reach out to me, tracy@littleblackcloudrecords.com

I would also like to thank Dave and Rob for helping me get the record label off the ground and Kenneth Close for being instrumental in the artwork process.