• Remember Us?

    We're back and we have some big news! 

    It has been two years since the release of Positive No's debut full length Glossa. SURPRISE! We have a brand new release, Partners in the Wild, coming out on October 20th to coincide with our October Beach Slang/Pet Symmetry tour dates. 

    10/20 – Asbury Park, NJ - House of Independents

    10/21 – Richmond, VA - The Broadberry (with Ann Beretta)

    10/22 – Durham, NC - Motorco Music Hall

    10/23 – Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

    10/24 – Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade

    Positive No has been a band for nearly 6 years and remains at its core myself, Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed/Ringfinger), and Kenneth Close. After 8 years of also being life partners, Kenny and I eloped this past April. The biggest influence on our band's approach to writing is each other. We design our songs to be thoughtful conversations between all of the instruments which creates space for each member to be heard.

    Last year Keith Renna (Dunebuggy previously) joined Positive No as our new drummer. The roll of our bass player has been split between two people live and on record: Matt Klimas from the Snowy Owls (2016) and currently Jon Procopio (Dahlia Seed/Dunebuggy/Unbutton). Playing music with Keith and Jon, two of my oldest friends, as well as my husband, has created a tight bond that gives Super Glue a run for its money.  

    The period between November of 2016 and today is a blurry headache. It has honestly has been a surreal time to write and record new music as our nation's political climate reaches a boiling point and deadly riots bring unrest to our backyard here in Virginia. Undeniably, some of this rage and tension has seeped into our music but we also feel fortunate to have a sturdy foundation as a band comprised of close friends.

    In winter of 2016, we released a charity digital single and donated all proceeds to safe space protectors HollaBack! called “Reinvent the Space” with the help of War On Women. This spring and summer we completed writing and recording our new album. Partners in the Wild however is by no means all angst and darkness. We could feel defeated by these strange times but we have each other and we have music. With art and love, there is hope.

    Track listing

    1)      Y.A.A.Y.Y. 

    2)      Become of Üs

    3)      Hey Angel

    4)      Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

    5)      Kind Reminder

    6)      Broken

    7)      Debate Team Captain

    8)      Lights Out

    9)      Flourish Exeunt

    10)   Energy Crisis

    11)   My Best (Awaiting Your Reply)

    12)   Fault Line

  • Living Up to the Name

    If you know me, you know I am not a quitter. I pride myself on fighting the good fight but a number of things have been working against the record label over the past few years. A few of you have noticed that we have been quiet lately and I thank you for reaching out to ask if all is okay.

     It isn’t actually. The record label is currently in a holding pattern for several reasons.

    It started with me being struck by a car 5 years ago. It took years for me to recover (mostly from serious muscle damage in my legs) and I still battle a mild but permanent brain injury. I then lost my job a few weeks after the accident but because I was uninsured at the time, I was too poor to look into any legal recourse. I survived off of unemployment while healing and looking for a new job – no easy task when you cannot get around with ease and are plagued by memory loss and migraines. About a year later I was finally employed and rebuilding my life. But then the unexpected happened.

    The Virginia Employment Commission discovered I had a small hobby record label (which any sane person knows is not a making venture). I was totally unaware that legally my record label did not make me eligible to collect unemployment so they demanded I repay over $12,000 back to them. Again, because of injuries and being out of work for so long, I could not afford a lawyer to defend myself against this charge. This meant that on top of massive medical debt from my accident, I was asked to pay the VEC back in full as well. This was the final straw for me financially. 

    The irony is not lost on me. I named my record label Little Black Cloud and I have really lived up to the name. 

    I am not a person of wealth. I do not have a family to help me through tough times. I have done everything in my power to keep my life on track while paying down these debts (which will take me a lifetime at this rate). I am thrilled to say I am still on this planet. I am able to finally make my own music again which I truly never thought would be possible. I kept the record label alive because music is my life. It has saved me over and over again. Little Black Cloud Records has been an extension of this passion for nearly a decade and I am so grateful for this experience. The artists on the roster are my friends and of constant inspiration to me. I am so proud of the art these talented people have created and I feel deeply honored to have played an important role in bringing their art to the rest of the world. The label has been such an important anchor to me over these past 8 years.

    The reality is however I can’t keep releasing music and feel like I am being a smart, responsible adult. To put it simply I can’t afford to keep the record label active right now. The silver lining is that the LBC catalog will remain in print digitally. Whatever remaining stock of physical product will continued to be sold to those who want it. 

    There is one last key aspect to this story to share. Records for most of us do not sell like they used to. They are more expensive to make than ever. They take longer to produce than ever. National distribution for records has been shrinking over the past decade. While new record stores are popping up all the time, many are also closing. The margin of profit on selling new records is laughable it is so small so most retailers rely on dedicating a larger portion of their store's real estate to used records that carry a much higher profit margin. I began working in the music industry nearly 30 years and to be honest, I have no idea how any small label turns a profit now or consistently breaks even. I believe the dirtiest secret of the independent music industry is we keep doing it because we love it, hemorrhaging money be damned.

    Thank you friends for your support. It means as much to me as the music does. Don’t think of this as a hard stop for Little Black Cloud Records. Think of this more like a much needed pause in play.

    • Positive No's Winter Hibernation Is Over

      After more than 6 months hibernating, Positive No is returning back to the stage again with a new rhythm section and a bunch of new songs. 

      • Mon 4/18/16 at Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ Tacocat, Boyfriends, Atta Girl
      • Fri 5/20 at Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC w/ Beach Slang, Potty Mouth, and Dyke Drama
      • Sat 5/21 at Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA w/ Beach Slang, Potty Mouth, and Dyke Drama

      Photo by Chris Lacroix 

    • Dynamic Truths Live in 2015

      It still feels like a dream. We released the Dynamic Truths compilation 5 years ago and the band who had not played together since 2000 discussed playing a reuinion shows but it never happened. Life got in the way. For the band there was a terminally ill parent to be focused on and singer Bob was fighting / beat cancer of the mouth which as you can imagine for a singer is a nightmare come true. So the record came out. We basked in their greatness as a recorded entity and I don't know about anyone else but I sort of thought my chances of finally seeing this band live was over. But then...

      Suddenly a show invite pops up in my Facebook for an entire Richmond reunion band line up. The Eccentrics which were a Richmond high school band in the '80s, Dynamic Truths, and The Technical Jed - all bands that had not existed in a long time all playing on one solid bill. YAY! At long last, many of us got to see the Dynamic Truths live on December 12th in the year of 2015. Christmas came early. 

      There have been a rotating cast of characters playing in the DTs over the years but for this show it was: Bob Schick singing (Honor Role/Coral ), Bill Walker (Coral) on drums, Chip Jones (Honor Role/Coral) on bass, David Jones (Fudge on guitar, and Ricky Tubb on second guitar (Eccentrics/The Technical Jed / Waking Hours/Bucket). And with so many old school Richmond rockers the audience was a who's who of Richmond, VA Rock bands from the past three decades. The overall vibe was a reunion for everyone in the room. It was a packed house (The Answer Bew Pub) and a good time was had by all.

      Dynamic Truths played for about about 35 minutes and here is their set with two new songs (which to be clear are as good as anythng they have recorded to date) !: With Angels / New Light / You Take It All / Bust Stop /  Behind the Killer ... / Good TIme / Uh-Huh / The Cred / Profit from Loss/ Past is Black and White/ I Hope Your Happy / Sailors of the Highway

      I can't thank everyone involved enough for their time and energy to make this show happen. I was also gifted a handful of old flyers so I have photographed them and shared them with the live shots. The left side of the stage was blocked by people in front of me (short people problems) so I am sorry that I didn't get a shot of Ricky. Also I have so much respect for Ricky. He recently lost a brother and still played a ton of shows.

      Music heals. 

    • Don't Miss These Two Shows!

      Numero Uno! I am an unabashed fan of all things relating to Honor Role, Coral, and Dynamic Truths - a band that we did a very limited compilation release for a few years ago. The DTs have not been an active band for some 15 years however they are playing a one off show in Richmond, Virginia this month. I honestly can't believe it. As a huge fan of them I am beyond thrilled to see them play live for the first time. It was something I never thought I would have the opportunity to have so I am sharing the Facebook invite to the show here just in case some of you out there are as excited as I am about this. The show is December 12th. They have also been working on new material. I have heard two demos and I can promise you that these songs are as good, if not better than anything Dynamic Truths have done to date. 

      Secondly Teargas Rock is also playing a show in Richmond; yet another band that doesn't play live often! This show is a little more last minute and is taking place this Saturday at Black Iris

      Two local legendary bands playing the same month here in Richmond. Who says Christmas miracles aren't real? 

      Universe People called it quits last month and played their final show. Such bummer news there. 

      In other news Positive No is writing a new record as I type this (I have the most recent demo up on my recording software right now!) and will not be playing any live shows for the rest of 2015. They also have a new mailing list / Tiny Letter sign up going so if you care to have updates from our band, go here. 

      Stephen Brodsky has been a touring machine with his band Mutoid Man and if you have not heard them yet or seem them live - YOU ARE MISSING OUT ! ! ! 

      Wishing you a happy holiday season,


    • Breaking News : Universe People Disband!

      Taken from the band:

      NEWS ALERT: Universe People is saying FAREWELL!!

      It was about 5 years ago that I had a couple of cocktails with Kellie Payne at a bar in our neighborhood of Georgetown and I asked her to be in what would be a band called Universe People and she said "yep..." I was stoked, and that was the beginning.

      Universe People put out 2 great records with 2 great line-ups: "Go to the Sun" (Little Black Cloud Records) with Kellie Payne on bass/vocals and Dave Ramm on drums. And Universe People "are Coming to the Dance" (Dragnet Records) with Kimberly Morrison on bass/vocals and Min Yee on drums.

      I love this band and I love the people that have been a part of it! But it's time for a change and we didn't want to gradually disappear without saying goodbye properly. SO....

      Come see us play our LAST 2 SHOWS EVER!!!!

      @ Chop Suey, Saturday 10/2 w/ CHILDBIRTH for their record release! (We will have a special surprise guest playing with us that night.)

      AND....our very last show....
      @ the Funhouse, Saturday 10/17 w/ The URINALS!!!!

      We also have THREE NEW SONGS recorded!! These will be available on bandcamp to download in October. More on that soon....

      You can see my amazing and talented bandmates playing in their other bands: Kimberly in (hot riffage) SSDD! and Min in the fabulous Dreamsalon (rare appearances these days, so don't miss them if they play!)

      After schlepping amplifiers up and down various venue stairs for 25 years I am ready to put my feet up and just record some projects in the comfort of my own home. I'll make sure anything worthwhile that transpires is posted somewhere.

      Lots of love and thanks,
      Your gracefully retired Universe person,
      Jo Claxton XOXO


      I am so honored I was able to be release the band's debut release and feel fortunate that post band break up, I have some damn fine friends out of the members of the band. I raise my glass to them and ask for once last shake from the cabana boy. RIP to a band well done. 


    • Positive No - Glossa - Pre-Order Now!


      We are so excited to share the details of the new Positive No debut long player entitled Glossa.

      But first, did you see that NPR Music premiered the first Positive No single and video? The video is a spoof on Heavy Metal Parking Lot. We reimagined the theme as Indie Rock Parking Lot set in the '90s. 

      Now more about Glossa - OUT SEPTEMBER 18th! 

      Positive No’s debut full length release is entitled Glossa. These 12 songs are a custom dictionary that illustrate and capture snapshots in time. Some are deeply personal modern tales dotted with local color while other expressions reflect ancient history from as far away as Iceland. Here guitars, bass, and drums burst like synchronized fireworks (think dynamic energy of the Chapel Hill guitar bands in the ‘90s - Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, and Polvo) while complex vocal melodies dart between the rawness of PJ Harvey and the twee charge of Amelia Fletcher from Heavenly.

      Lyrics are the fuel behind these moody pyrotechnics and for this reason the band has also created a 7” x 7” 26 page full color book. Band member and graphic designer Kenneth Close has produced a total of 12 unique art pieces partnered with the lyrics. In turn every song on Glossa has been treated like a short story worthy of its own book cover. For those who appreciate Factory Records or 4AD for their the album art as well as the music, this small book (that also comes with a digital download that doubles as a bookmark) will speak volumes. The meticulous attention to detail in the music, the words, and the packaging is staggering. 

      *** The CD and cassette version is being produced by our friends at Negative Fun Records ***

      *** You can pre-order the book, CD, or tape through us (see the "STORE" link above) or via Negative Fun Records. ***


           Positive No Summer / Fall Tour Dates

      • 8/15 Gallery 5 - Richmond, VA Commonwealth of Notions (Festival)
      • 9/2 Roanoke, VA w/ Eternal Summers
      • 9/12 Legends - Raleigh, NC Negative Fun Hopscotch day party
      • 9/18 Gallery 5 - Richmond, VA Record Release Party w/ very special guests
      • 9/19 The Bathtub Republic - Washington, DC
      • 10/1 Boot & Saddle - Philladelphia, PA w /Maritime
      • 10/2 TBD 
      • 10/3 Hifi Bar - New York, NY
      • 10/4 WPRB (studio performance) - Princeton , NJ

    • Happy Holidays!

      Happy Holidays!

      A big update on Positive No coming soon! We still have a few more Teargas Rock records so grab one (or a few) while you still can! Thank you all for your support of LBC over the last six years. 

    • Teargas Rock Quick Update


           We had an issue at the pressing plant that caused the need for a total repress but the good news is that they are done and are scheduled to arrive next week. Assuming there are no issues with the pressing, the pre-orders (and thank you for that!) will ship on 8/22.

          My apologies for the delay. Record Store Day continues to bog down pressing plants and then sometimes funky stuff happens when records go to press. Earning the name Little Black Cloud one release at a time.

      Thank you for your support and patience,


    • Teargas Rock : OUT NOW (Sort of)

      The Teargas Rock release came out today in digital land. It should be available via all your usual favorite digital webstores right now.

      We would also like to extend a huge thank you to all who have pre-ordered the vinyl. The pressing plant promises it will ship to me this week (they blame Record Store Day back ups for the delay) and in turn I will get it out to everyone shortly after that.

      Stay tuned for an update on when we expect to ship them. To show my appreciation for your orders and patience, we will be shipping a little bonus treat as a thank you. 

    • July Web Store Super Sale Starts Today

      Welcome to our very first label sale. We have been around for a little over 5 years and it is time to clean house a bit as well as raise some money for future releases. We have marked down just about everything in the web store, some as much as 40% off. The sale will run for the entire month of July or until items sell out.

      As far as what else is going on at the Little Black Cloud world headquarters, see below. Lot's of opportunity to see our bands play live this month. 

      The Teargas Rock LP is still scheduled for August 5th. Pressing plants are forever backed up these days because of Record Store Day madness but as soon as I get a firm ship date, I will put up a pre-order page. Reminder: it will be limited to a mere 300 copies. In other amazing news, THE BAND IS PLAYING A FEW SHOWS ! ! !  This is a huge deal as the band only played one show back in the early 2000s before breaking up. 

      Teargas Rock Tour Dates: 

      * Friday, July 25th / Wolf Cycles / Philly, PA / 7:30: Teargas Rock, ADVLTS, Hound, Bad Energy

      * Saturday, July 26th / The Silent Barn / Brooklyn, NY / 8PM : Teargas Rock, ADVLTS, Hound, Nabrok

      * Sunday, July 27th / Otto Bar Upstairs / Baltimore, MD : Teargas Rock, ADVLTS

      * Friday, August 29th / Black Iris Studio / Richmond, VA / 8PM :  Teargas Rock, Alarms & Control (Dischord Records), Positive No


      Stephen Brodsky is hitting the road this month with Emma Ruth Rundle and there might just be a special surprise or two coming soon along the lines of another free download by the man himself. A man of many musical projects, Mutoid Man is still going strong and recently signed to Sargent House.

       Brodsky Solo Dates:

       * 7/13 Brooklyn, St. Vitus with Stephen Brodsky, Jason Bartell

       * 7/15 Philadelphia, Bourbon and branch with Stephen Brodsky, Jason Bartell

       * 7/16 Washington DC, DC-9 with Stephen Brodsky


      This summer Positive No is laying low, writing songs for our first full length. and plotting how to raise the funds to record (fear not, no Kickstarter nonsense from us). All of the funds from the Positive No sales this month will go towards the cause.

      Two Shows:

      * Friday, August 8th / Gallery 5 / Richmond, VA : Hoax Hunters Record Release Party, Dave Watkins / Positive No

      * Friday, August 29th / Black Iris Studio / Richmond, VA / 8PM : Chain & The Gang, Teargas Rock, Positive No



       The Universe People have a brand new release out RIGHT NOW  ! ! ! The self released digital album is available here. They also have a new video, check it out! They also have vinyl coming soon - stay tuned for more information on that.



      Universe People Tour Dates :

      * 7/10 - Sunset Tavern / Seattle, WA

      * 7/19 - Foggy Notion / Portland, OR

      * 7/22 - Chop Suey / Seattle, WA



      Malhombre is playing an early show this week here in Richmond, VA. The show is part of Anti-Mag's Happy Hour series and runs from 5PM to 7PM. Malhombre will go on no later than 6.


      Check out footage from a recent live performance here.

    • Teargas Rock, FINALLY ! ! !

      Big news! The Teargas Rock LP is happening and scheduled for Summer of 2014 ! ! !

      For those who don’t know the Teargas Rock story, it is close to my heart because it links two places I have called home, New Jersey & Richmond as well as some people I have had the pleasure of calling friends for nearly 20 years.

      Adam was a member of Born Against, who like me came from the underground music scene in the NYC area during the early ‘90s (we lived down the street from each other in Jersey City). He eventually moved to Richmond, VA and started a new band called the (Young) Pioneers that included a bass player named Marty (most recently playing with Teddy Leo). The (Young) Pioneers broke up in 1999 but then Adam and Marty started a new band called Teargas Rock with drummer Randy (The Great Unraveling). They recorded a handful of songs, planned to release it via Troubleman Records but when the band broke up in 2000, the release was shelved.

      Amazingly, even though I was in a band with a few releases on Troubleman and call two of the members of Teargas Rock good friends, I truthfully had absolutely no idea that this band or these songs ever existed. A mutual friend asked me about their record last year and I had to confess that I had no idea what he was talking about. I quickly discovered Teargas Rock did in fact exist but because they were only around for a year, their record never saw the light of day, and they only played live once, very few people know of this band at all.

      Once I had the opportunity to finally hear these songs, I knew I had to release it. They capture a classic, raw, energetic garage rock style that I LOVE - think Rocket From the Crypt below the Mason-Dixon line. This self titled record isn’t just a must own for the ‘90s hardcore band family tree completest, it is worth owning because the song writing quality is tremendous and timeless.

      All 7 songs have been remastered and will be available in the digital format and as a 12” record. The vinyl will be limited to just 300 copies and also carries the original artwork and insert. Pressing plants have been backed up thanks to Record Store Day so we have yet to have offer a definitive street date but I should have one to offer soon. I suspect it will be July-ish. Don't quote me but there may even be a live show by the band to celebrate this release.

    • Thank you!


      THANK YOU for making my 5th year as a record label my best yet. I am so grateful for your support and if I am lucky, maybe I will see you on tour in 2014 to thank you in person. 

      Happy Holidays,


      Universe People 

      There has been some cha cha changes in 2013 for the Universe People. Min has replaced Dave on drums (you may know Min from such bands as Dreamsalon /  A Frames) and Kimberly replaced Kellie on bass. Jo however is still going strong on guitar and vocals.

      This Seattle, WA trio will be recording a new full-length in January at MRX recording studio with Matt Stegner. Min's other band Dreamsalon has their full-length debut LP coming out on Captcha Records any day now. 

      At this very moment Universe People has been furiously learning Devo covers for the big Devo tribute night at Chop Suey soon. This is a do not miss kind of show at Chop Suey in Seattle on Friday, Dec 6th.!

      I have just a few copies left of their spectacular debut EP and don’t forget, it comes with a killer poster too!


      Stephen Brodsky:

      There is no rest for the wicked!

      Stephen has been regularly playing live shows since the release of Hit or Mystery. He has also joined forces with drummer Ben of Converge to form the thunderous duo Mutoid Man. Their debut release is on Magic Bullet Records (CD/LP/Digital) is out NOW. Read a stellar local review of this album here. Last but not least, they also have a record release party in NYC on 12/13.

      Brodsky's colored vinyl is almost sold out so if you want one, act now as they will probably be gone after the holidays. 

      Positive No: 

      We are very excited about our upcoming shows as we are finally starting to venture outside of the Richmond area. The bad news is that as our travel plans increase, our bass player Josh will not be with in 2014. The good news is that we have luckily found a replacement bass player and will make a big announcement about it in the new year. This was our first full year as an active band and we are so thankful for all the incredible support. We are really excited to play more shows out of town and record a full length by late Spring.

       Tour Dates: 


      12/13/13 : Richmond VA @ Gallery 5 W/ Davenport Cabinet + Unbutton 

      12/14/13:  Washington DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel W/ Davenport Cabinet / Laura Tsagarris


      2/13/14 : Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter W/ Bleeding Rainbow / Hunters

      2/14/14 : Philadelphia, PA @ EMAIL US FOR DETAILS W/ No Other (

      2/15/14 : Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory W/ Ancient Sky

      2/16/14 : Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut W/ TBD

      Positive No records, CDs, and shirts are available here. 



      In a million years I never thought this would happen but amazingly Jon and Keith – the primary members of Dunebuggy (of Spinart Records fame) - have been playing together again under the name Unbutton. Even more incredibly they have agreed to play one show, right here in Richmond with Positive No and Davenport Cabinet. For fans of perfect Pop songs (think Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, with a touch of Pavement) that don’t waste anytime getting to the hook, they are a must see band – not to mention who knows when this opportunity to catch them will ever arise again. If you live on the East Coast, do not miss their December 13th show! 

      There are literally just a few Dunebuggy LPs left!


      Brilliant news! Tannon is on the mend post major car accident and is playing again with his other band Loincloth as they are working on a new album. And speaking of Loincloth (who all three members of Gauchiste also play in) check out this awesome future shirt that VoiVod's Michel "Away" Langevin's Loincloth recently created. Anyhow, I know Loincloth is working on a new album so I can only hope there will be time for some new Gauchiste music too. 

    • Positive No - Via Florum - OUT TODAY ! ! !

      Our band self produced this video for "Georgia Purchase Agreement" to celebrate our debut release. Not only can you purchase our 5 song 12" or CD here but the digital is streaming or buyable through all the usual suspects like Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, and Spotify.

      We have sold through about half our records and CDs as of today (11/12/13) so if you would like to own a physical copy, I wouldn't wait! 

      Thanks so much for all the suport so far. An extra high-five to our Richmond, VA community of friends, fans, bands, WRIR, venues, and Style Weekly who have truly been tremendous to us this year. We can't wait to start playing more shows out of town in the new year! 

      Like Positive No on Facebook here.